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Chahna Legacy

During the year 1997, Mrs. Vinita Khetawat decided to bloom her legacy into something more beautiful. She succeeded in taking the family business to a whole new level. Her confidence and family values are the inspiration for the whole gems and jewelry industry. Vinita Khetawat Chahna says- “Jewelry and Gemstones are in my DNA”. This passion, dedication, enthusiasm, and love for the business allowed her to be more innovative in offering the most precious and most selected jewelry collection. All these things are the reasons behind the success of Chahna Jewels. And now, Chahna  Jewels is one of the leading jewelry suppliers.

From one innovation to the next

With great zeal, we have marked the origin of Chahna Jewels decades ago in the city of diamonds, Surat, India.

With proper efforts and interests, Chahna Jewels had spread their work in many countries. Fortunately, Chahna Jewels has offices & affiliates in New York, Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Africa, Israel, Mumbai, and Jaipur. To make sure about the quality, rarity, and physical properties of diamonds, Mr. Chahna himself introspects all the sourcing activities for the group.

Our inventory is one of the most diversified & contains over a million carats of loose stones with different hues and diamonds at any given time. We are constantly looking for new sources and exciting stones to offer our clientele.

We are continually creating lifetime memories that enable us to fulfill the emotional values of our customers. Every piece of jewelry reflects our heritage because, for ages, we are completely drawn into the Jewelry world.

Moreover, a combination of jewelry designing and manufacturing under one roof has risen the greatest opportunities in this jewelry field. We can gladly say that Chahna is the most trusted and popular brand that proffers high quality and rarest products. Our tradition, culture, and values are helping us to stand strong.

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